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  • Casino Etiquette for Beginners


    Are you going to visit the casino for the first time? This article will give you the dos and don’ts in the casino. Read on


    Know Your Limits

    This is not etiquette, but it is a character that will help you not to lose all your money. Newbies are known to blow off their money as they try to prove themselves. You must plan how much you are going to spend to avoid spending more than you should. Being ready with what you should spend makes you prepared to lose the same amount. You will not be stressed at the end of the day. If you win well and well.

    Understand the Rules

    happy woman, winning

    After you have learned how to play within your budget, it is now important to know the rules of playing the game. It is okay if you understand all the rules of the casino games, but it is important to learn the rules of the games you are most interested. Please stick to them for the best experience.

    You can watch a video or study the game online. You can as well, watch real people playing. Being naïve not only pisses your opponents but reduces your chances of winning. Take it as an assignment to the rules of the casino games before sitting on the table.

    Note the Smoking Zone

    Do not assume that anywhere is a smoking area. Some casinos have restricted smoking areas while others allow smoking anywhere. If you are a smoker, you must consider these. Ask from the reception if you are not sure. Other people in the casino might not be smokers, and even if they are, exhaling smoke on their faces is among the worst things you can do.

    Do Not

    Drink Excessively

    First timers drink to relax. It is okay, but do drink yourself silly. Excessive drinking will make the people around you to judge you, and you might end up spending more than you had planned. If that is not all, you might be making it difficult for your opponents.

    Be Shy

    gambling, casino games






    We already mentioned that you must understand all the rules of the game. If you are not sure of what to do, seek help from the dealer. In simple terms, do not enter the swimming pool if you do not know how to swim. But still, allow the lifeguard to save you in case you are drowning. Never be afraid to ask for help if need be.…

  • How to Find the Right Band for Your Event

    live band perfomance

    Just like having a DJ, a live band enhances your party and brings on some excitement. Some people think that a band is very expensive, but it does not have to be that expensive. To get the best prices, search around and compare prices of different bands. As you make arrangements of foods and drinks of the reception, make sure to include the band members. If it is your first time hiring a live band, read on for tips on how to hire the best.

    Weigh Your Options

    music, live band

    Depending on the event you have, you might have an idea of the best band around. You might have met them at a friend’s party or heard people talk about them online. If this is not the case for you, seek help from the people around you. Out of all your friends and family, you cannot lack ideas of the best bands in your area.

    If that does not work for you, search online. Here you will get as many suggestions as you would wish. The good thing with online searching is that you will get videos to watch and listen. After you love what they have, you can contact them for more details. If you do not like their work, it is very simple, mark them off your list.


    Are they reliable? To get the right answer to this, ask the band for how long they have been together. Ask them if they are going to be at the venue before the guests. Do they have a reputation for keeping time and giving their all during the event? If you get complains of late coming or other concerns, kindly stay away from them. You do not want disappointments on your big day.


    music band

    If the band agrees to perform on your occasion, make sure to put the agreements on paper. Every single detail should be included in the contract agreement. Details like, what time they are going to arrive, how long they will stay? The amount you will pay them and mode of payment should not be left out. Be ready with some cash because some bands ask for a deposit at the time of signing the contract.

    Pay them with a payment plan that can be tracked. They can give you a receipt of payment if they have. I advise people to avoid paying them on cash because there is no way to verify that you truly made the payment. Call them up weeks before the wedding to verify if they are still going to attend.…



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