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Guide for Buying Bouncy Castles for Kids Party

One of the best exercise equipment for kids is the bouncy castle. Bouncy castles come in various styles, and types from which you can choose for your kids. These equipment are ideal for kids party entertainment where you want the kids to have fun playing. Before buying a bouncy castle for your kids, you should know the different types and styles that exist and also get some helpful buying tips. The following guide will when choosing a bouncy castle to buy for your kids.

Weight and Age Restrictions

kids in bouncy castleWhen choosing a bouncy castle, you need to consider the age as well as the weight of the kids that will use it. Small units are generally suitable for kids between the age of three and six. Standard models of bouncy castles have a weight limit of one hundred pounds and can be ideal for kids of up to twelve years of age. Check out these aspects before buying to ensure the kids will be comfortable.

The weight will indicate the maximum number of kids that the unit will hold. It is vital to know this so that you can restrict the number of kids entering the bouncy castle during a party. Also, you can buy a bigger unit that will hold more kids at any given time.


A bouncy castle is meant for use by kids, so you need to choose one that is safe for their use. You need to consider several features with regards to safety. Go through reviews to get an idea about the safety of a given unit. Irrespective of how safe the unit is, you need to keep tabs to ensure your kids are safe and sound.


A bouncy castle is an investment, and you, therefore, need to buy a quality unit that can last long. When choosing a unit to buy, it is essential to take note of the different standards. You should check the materials that make the bouncy castle. Avoid lightweight materials which can tear due to excess strain on them.

Usage and Size

The size of a bouncy castle is a vital aspect when choosing which one to buy.bouncy castle Usually, the size depends on how the bouncy castle will be used. Also, If you have a big outdoor space, then you will go for a big unit. The essence is to buy something that will fit your available outdoor space. Big units are preferable to small ones because they accommodate a lot of kids.

Maintenance and Filling Method

Always ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions concerning the maintenance of the unit. Use the right method when cleaning the unit to avoid damaging it. Doing proper research will also help you take care of the unit.

The method of filling determines how easy you can set up the unit. Most of the units usually come with blowers that blow the inside air to get the desired shape.

This buyer guide will help you choose the best bouncy castle for your kids. Ensure also you search online for different available options.…



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