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Tips for Choosing an Escape Room

Spending time to engage in leisure activities with your family, friends, or work colleagues is essential as it helps you relieve stress. Consider booking an escape room on your next outing because such an activity is not only fun but also educational. In fact, companies nowadays like to include these types of games on their team building activities. Consider the factors listed below when choosing an escape room.

escape room

Choose a Theme

First off, you need to find out the themes available on the escape rooms near your location. Once you have an idea of the different themes, choose one depending on your goals or preferences. For instance, you can choose an escape room with a horror theme if you’re playing with your friends. On the other hand, choose one with an adventure theme if you’re playing with your children. If it’s for a team-building activity, then choose a theme that involves problem-solving such historical, scientific, or thriller themes because it will create a friendly competition.

detectiveDifficulty Level

Next, consider the difficulty level of the escape room. Again, it will depend on your goal or preference. If you’re playing with your children, then avoid choosing the most difficult escape rooms because you’ll have a slim chance of completing the game. The same goes for first-timers. On the other hand, if you want to challenge yourself, then choose an escape room theme with mind-boggling challenges.

Knowing the average completion time of the game will help you determine the difficulty level of the game. If you just want to enjoy the game without any pressure, then do not choose themes that would put you against the clock. On the other hand, if you’re organizing a team-building activity, then opt for a theme that requires the players to beat the time, as it will test their time management skills.

Number of Players

One more important factor to consider when choosing an escape room is the number of participants that will play the game. Remember, each escape room was designed to cater to a certain number of people. For instance, it will not be ideal to book an escape room that is designed to accommodate 20 people if there’s only five of you playing. Obviously, you cannot play the game comfortably if there’s 20 of you, but you booked an escape room that’s only good for five people. In short, it is crucial to determine the total number of people that will play the game so that you’ll be able to book the right escape room.…



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